Assess IT

Assess IT

A free assessment of companies’ IT infrastructure is being offered by Forestals Professional, which will help companies reduce costs, simplify processes as well as ensure safety and security. Assess IT is a recently launched service, which provides an overview of a company’s existing IT systems, technology and support infrastructure.

The assessment will take the form of an onsite visit. A qualified IT technician will visit your company and conduct an examination of what infrastructure, services and support you have in place. The assessment will also consist of a discussion of what your current IT system requires as well as particular trouble points.

The assessment will provide an opportunity for a number of cost-effective and secure solutions namely: by being able to redefine the economics of IT resources, companies will have the possibility to reduce costs through efficient resources and infrastructure. Assess IT will also make suggestions as to how companies can not only speed up their service delivery but also reduce potential risks to the business such as hacking, viruses and malware, for instance. Importantly, the assessment will allow insight into how to boost the performance of your business by, for example, ensuring that your business needs are met, while allowing you to give more choice, options and flexibility to your employees and customers.

John Farrugia Randon

Head of Commercial Sales

Thanks to Assess IT, companies will be able to target specifically their IT needs. This objective assessment of businesses will not only save them time and money in the long run, but it will also make their entire IT infrastructure safe from the many risks they are so easily exposed to.”